What We Do

At WTA, we are international freight experts.

Transporting all kinds of goods to anywhere in the world with our network of global partners, we give all of our clients a completely personalised experience, streamlining their supply chain and reducing their overall costs.

With air, sea, overland and warehousing capabilities, we develop solutions that perfectly fit your individual needs - regardless of the complexity of your supply chain.


WTA Air Freight

Whether you have a one-off shipment or daily requirements, we can develop an air freight solution that works best for you. Long-standing relationships with the best-in-class carriers across the globe means you can depend on our air freight’s speed, reliability and security for delivering your goods.


WTA Sea Freight

As with any freighting solution, the process of transporting your goods via sea takes a great deal of organisation and attention to detail. At WTA, we take care of the entire process.

We have regularly scheduled sailings on the world’s significant trade routes, as well as the capacity to ship to any port that you require.

We also offer you consolidation, full container, out of gauge and temperature controlled services.

Anything your supply chain needs, we can create an efficient solution.

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WTA Overland Freight

Our overland freight services, like our sea and air services, are completely customisable. By working with select, quality assured partners, we can give you the versatility, reliability and value you need to make your operations a streamlined success.

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WTA Warehousing

Warehousing is an equally crucial part of your supply chain to the transportation. Often a place where unforeseen cost savings can be made. Do you need to store your goods before or after shipment? If so, our warehousing solutions will prove useful to you.

With rigorous, comprehensive security and quality assurance, we offer services from bulk storage to rapid response pick and pack.

We also have a specialist origin warehouse service, which serves to reduce handling, eliminate transshipments, reduce your costs and speed up your deliveries by sorting consignments into individual products and destinations before shipping.

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WTA Control Tower

For those with complicated supply chains, the shipping of your goods can be a time-consuming, and costly endeavour. To help you to streamline your supply chain and maximise the effectiveness of your logistics, WTA offers a fully comprehensive supply chain management service.

By following our four-step process, your supply chain is transformed into a beacon of streamlined efficiency.

This will help you to keep your overall costs down and reduce delays.

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Customs and Compliances

A big part of any shipment is meeting any international or domestic customs or compliances. This is a vital stage in the transportation of your goods, and if the proper procedures are not met, your shipment could be delayed - or even halted.

With WTA, you don’t have to worry about which forms to fill out, which stickers to put where. As part of our service, we will organise and handle this process entirely for you - freeing you up to dedicate your valuable time elsewhere.

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Completely Trackable and Secure Freight Services

The secure transportation of your goods is of paramount importance. When handling your items, the utmost respect and care will be taken, ensuring they arrive at your chosen destination in mint condition. We also work with trusted and reputable security services, ensuring added protection of your valuable goods.

To give you added peace of mind, WTA gives you 24/7 access to your goods through our tracking services.

You can have total visibility, as well as SMS notifications and updates throughout transportation.

The Critical Importance of Visibility in Your Logistical Supply Chain

A Tailored, White Glove Solution - Just for You

At WTA, we know that each business has its own individual needs. This is why we offer a completely personalised solution, crafted just for you and your goods. We will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process, giving you the attention and level of detail you need to succeed. Our main goal is for you to achieve yours, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you to reach, and exceed it.

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